Zirconia crowns offer distinct aesthetic advantages when compared to PFM crowns. Unsightly black lines around margins are eliminated due to the tooth coloured core of the zirconia restoration. Zirconia also offers high strength and stability in manufacture resulting in its suitability for use in long span bridges. At J J Ceramics we offer our own in-house milling facility where we control all aspects of design and manufacture. We currently use iZr zirconia for all frameworks and posterior crowns as well as implant abutments. With a strength of 1400 MPa Izir zirconia is one of the strongest zirconia materials on the market but has similar wear to tooth enamel when glazed. This is an excellent alternative to full metal crowns in bruxer cases where strength and aesthetics can be achieved.

For more aesthetic demands we also use iZr glass zirconia(800MPa) as well as CubeX zirconia(600Mpa). Both of these ultra translucent zirconia materials offer excellent fit and aesthetics.

All zirconia crowns can be monolithic (milled to full surface contour) or layered with ceramic if high aesthetics is to be achieved.

We are now using multi-layer ultra translucent zirconia for monolithic crowns that require more aesthetic appeal, whilst retaining strength.

We are constantly updating our skills and knowledge so that we can stay at the forefront of Cad/Cam technology.


  • Ultra translucent zirconia is used for single unit crowns, as well as three unit anterior bridges.
  • Ultra translucent multi-layer zirconia is our new zirconia of choice for monolithic aesthetic crowns for three unit bridges in posterior and anterior regions
  • Super translucent zirconia is used for single crowns and up to full arch bridges
  • Brukser crowns are used where strength is a priority

(These can be layered with ceramic for aesthetic appeal)