Implant retained restorations can be manufactured from a wide range of dental materials. Implant restorations can be fixed or removable. Each case needs to be assessed to establish the best treatment plan for the success of the restoration and the patients’ acceptance of the case.

Fixed implant restorations can be screw retained or cementable.
Screw retained implants have the advantage of being salvageable if the screw becomes loose in the implant. Cementable implants will need to be cut off in this situation. Screw retained implants were limited in the past to cases where the angle of insertion was not such that the screw hole adversely affected the restoration aesthetically. Here at JJ Ceramics we can adjust the angle of the screw-hole by up to 30 degrees by using a special dynamic screw and abutment. We mill our dynamic abutments in-house to give our clients a cost effective solution.

Cementable options include the use of customised abutments or prefabricated titanium abutments. We use original parts but also offer generic components that are guaranteed and are more cost effective.

Removable Implant restorations include dentures that are retained by various bar designs as well as clips or balls.