Advanced Dental Technology

Digital Ready Dental Laboratory

JJ Ceramics is proud to announce, that we now support a fully digital workflow. We are a registered TRIOS, ITERO and Sirona Connect ready laboratory, and accept scans from most systems. With Digital capabilities, we can now accept cases from around Australia, manufacture to a high standard and deliver back to you with most cases within a week. For any enquires please call us at (07) 5443 1621, or alternatively contact us at 


Customised Dental Products

Here at JJ Ceramics, we are constantly striving to supply our clients with the best available products on the market. To this end, we are utilising the latest equipment and techniques to improve our efficiency and accuracy, and to bring our clients a product that is consistent and dependable. Along with our 4 and 5 axis milling machines, we also now offer 3D printing throughout a range of customised dental products.

Please refer to our products for a detailed list of the restorations that we provide.

For any further enquiries contact us during working hours (Monday – Friday) on (07) 5443 1621. Or otherwise message us at and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can

Fully Integrated Digital Solutions

Advanced Zirconia